In an effort to raise awareness of vehicles passing stopped school buses with
RED FLASHING LIGHTS and to show support for School Bus Drivers everywhere, Please tie a black ribbon onto your driver side mirror if you have some. See below for an example. Lets all put them in the same spot for consistency.
Keep all the children who have been hit by these passing vehicles in your thoughts and prayers.
Please schedule your Breast Cancer Screening and remind everyone you know to schedule their screening. Early detection is key to a good outcome.
Please wear PINK on Friday October 16th to show support for the cause.
Beginning Monday October 15th we will be conducting the mirror clinic. Please call the office and schedule your visit, you will need to bring your bus.
It will count as Octobers Safety Meeting.
2020-2021 this is still true!
Integrity Transportation has the BEST DRIVERS & AIDES!
You guys are ROCK STARS!!
We are proud of you all. Yes, it was a sketchy start, though no fault of yours, but you pulled out a GREAT START. Most of our districts have called us to let us know how well it has gone so far. Well Done!
Helping Children achieve their educational potential.

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